Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not Yet..

Ada yg tertanya-tanya tak dah bersalin ke tak?
hanya my feeling yg syok sendiri??

Answer : NOT YET! my 赤ちゃん is still don't want to check out from 
her 7星 hotel.

It's ok..I'm very patient waiting for my 赤ちゃん to come out.
actually,The truth is soooooooooo nervous waiting for contraction ガクガク

Let's change to other topic laにこ 

some flowers along my walking path

sakura on 晴れsunny晴れ day
so lovely rightはてなマーク

sakura is very unique. blossoming just about 1week and after that all
the beautiful 桜** will fall down桜

my rest point.just take a few minutes rest at here during walking exercise.
but sometime about half an hour.音譜チョキ

I  ラブラブLラブラブOラブラブVラブラブEラブラブ this picture.
How about you?にひひ

And last picture is
my lunch set after pregnancy check up.
Yummy! Yummy! Tummy!
Tummy! Tummy! become more bigger eating thisママニコニコ

sei The end sei


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